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Lodging, Cabins in the Black River Recreation Area, Arcadia Valley Region of Missouri, near St. Louis

Cabins, Lodging near Ozark Trail, Mark Twain National Forest, Bell Mountain Wilderness & Sutton's Bluff

Hiking, Biking, Hunting & Fishing near Bearcat Mountain Lodge & Cabins
Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, Missouri's Highest Point
  Photos courtesy Daniel Moses Photography

If you love Missouri Hiking, Biking, Hunting & Fishing in the Ozarks, come to the Black River Recreation Area in the Arcadia Valley Region, where the recreational opportunities are endless.  Missouri Hiking Trails abound around Bearcat Mountain Lodge & Cabins.  Only 105 miles from St. Louis, get away for a weekend or a week to see Missouri's most spectacular scenery.  Throw your hook into the sparkling waters of the Black River on our 1/2 mile of private beach!  If you need a Missouri Ozarks Fishing and Hunting Guide, just let us know and we will arrange for the best guide in the Ozarks, Robbie Chadbourne. to go with you!  If you're looking for a Missouri hunting cabin or missouri fishing cabin, Bearcat Mountain Lodge and cabins would provide the perfect location for your outdoor pursuits. For a guide to Missouri hunting areas click here.  Missouri Fishing locations can be found here.  To read all about hiking and biking in this Ozarks region, click here

Hiking at Bearcat Getaway Resort on the Black River
Mark Twain National Forest & Sutton Bluff Recreation Area

"Mark Twain National Forest offers a wide variety of trails covering some 742 miles of the Ozarks. Trails differ greatly in length and difficulty. A few are restricted to hikers only, but many are open to mountain bikes and horses, and two areas are set aside for ATV and motorcycle enthusiasts, Chadwick and Sutton Bluff."  Sutton's Bluff is 15 minutes away from Bearcat Mountain Lodge & Cabins.  Read more here.

Bell Mountain Wilderness Area

The Ozark Trail is concurrent with the Bell Mountain Trail for about a mile into the Wilderness. Then the Bell Mountain Trail turns north and ascends the 1,702-foot peak of Bell Mountain. A Wilderness is a special area set aside by Congress which “generally appears to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature with the imprint of man’s work substantially unnoticeable…” More here.  Bearcat Lodge & Cabins are only 25 minutes away.

Mina Sauk Falls at Taum Sauk State Park

Devil's Tollgate
Grasshopper Hollow

This is the largest, most significant fen complex in unglaciated North America. Its wet, stony ground (in knee-deep water) is laced with beaver runs among a rich assemblage of native grasses and sedges. A spur of the Ozark Trail borders the preserve.  Read more here.

The Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail is a part of 28 year-old vision to build a scenic and varied route through the Missouri Ozarks, stretching from the St. Louis metropolitan area southwestward to the Arkansas border. The five miles of the Ozark Trail that passes through the Johnson's Shut-ins is closed at this time, however, the remainder of the Taum Sauk section of the Ozark Trail is open-- From the entrance at Highway 21 to Devils Tollgate, Bell Mountain to Goggins -- but you will not be able to travel though Johnson Shut-Ins State Park at this time.  Read more here.  The Ozark Trail is only 25 minutes away from Bearcat Mountain Cabins & Lodge.

Great Blue Heron on Black River
Other Hiking, Biking, Hunting & Fishing Areas near Bearcat Mountain

BUFORD MOUNTAIN STATE FOREST - Hiking, hunting & primitive camping on the third highest mountain in Missouri.

CRANE LAKE CONSERVATION AREA - Hidden, but one of the most beautiful small lakes in the area with a 12-mile hiking and biking trail around the lake, picnic areas, and great fishing.  Hwy E to Crane Pond Lake Road. 14 miles from 21 and "221" in Arcadia Valley via 21 South, "E" East and County Road 131

GOGGIN'S MOUNTAIN EQUESTRIAN TRAIL - Perfect for hiking and part of the Ozark Trail.  Hwy N - across from Johnson Shut-Ins.

KETCHERSIDE MT. STATE FOREST - Hiking trails and hunting use. Hwy 21

MARBLE CREEK RECREATION AREA - Beautiful oasis along Marble Creek with swimming and Ozark Trail section.  Hwy 21 then East on Hwy E.

MILLSTREAM GARDENS WHITEWATER AREA - Dramatic rushing waters cascade through Tiemann Shut-Ins.  Hiking, picnicing, fishing, and archery range. Hwy 21 then Hwy 72 East.

ROYAL GORGE SCENIC SITE - A stop on the road for great natural views and rock climbing.  Hwy 21 north of Lesterville.

Bearcat Mountain Lodge on the Black River is a great place for Missouri Bird Watching!
Click the link to learn about Missouri Birds and the best places to go birding in our Ozarks area.

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