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Shop for Missouri antiques, collectibles, pottery & jewelry near Bearcat Mountain Lodge & Cabins.
If you love to shop for Antiques and Treasures including Unique Jewelry found nowhere else in the world, you'll find it all near Bearcat Mountain Lodge and Cabins.  Filled with Artisans and Crafters, our region is a shoppers dream.  Visit the Antique Stores and Specialty Shops all around the Arcadia Valley Region

The following are just a few of our special friends.  Take a tour of all of the wonderful shopping opportunities near Bearcat Mountain Lodge and Cabins by visiting

Hadley's New Stoneage Jewelry and Sawmill - For those of you looking for something totally unique, check out the lapidary work of Mark and Rita Hadley.  Their creations are fashioned from Missouri Dreamstone.  There is only one known source of Dreamstone which is found only among the precambrian knobs in the St. Francis mountain uplifts of the eastern Ozarks, in the Lesterville area.  "This stone was in my backyard. I walked over it for 31 years. I had no idea it was there until I saw myself digging rocks there in a dream. I discovered it the next morning, in January 1998." ~Mark Hadley.  Their jewelry is absolutely beautiful.  You may also shop online at their website here.  Or, call 573-546-7331.

Country Bouquet - 573.546.5056 - 103 N Main, Ironton

Granite Products - 573.546.2200 - Hwy 21, N Graniteville

Plunder Palace - 573.546.7172 - 601 Front, Ironton

Raspberries Unique Antiques and Collectibles - 573.546.1222 - 220 N. College Street Arcadia

Taum Sauk Traders - 573.546.3288 - Main, Ironton

Yankee Trading Post:  573.546.7618 - 102 S. Main, Ironton MO  63650

Tour these and other shopping opportunities here!

Bearcat Mountain Lodge & Cabins
Bearcat Getaway Resort

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